Invisalign Tray 16 (Update #9)

Tray 16! Agh it's so crazy that my teeth have changed so much! I went to the orthodontist today (December 9th, 2014) and got my new trays! And I totally had a different orthodontist work on me today! (He looked like Bradley Cooper plusssss he was so helpful and funny!) 

He put buttons in for rubber bands so that I wouldn't mess up my bite and it was fairly an easy process although after they were done my mouth was so dry! 

Here is my Tray 16!

Update on Tray 16. My teeth are in pain and sore butttt at least I know it's working! The rubber bands make me nervous about yawning or even just opening my mouth...I feel like they're going to snap in my mouth! Anywaysssss that's all! Below is a picture of my Tray 1 vs. my Tray 16

If you have any questions or comments you know where to find me! ~ I'll talk to you soon in my next post! 



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