November 2014 Ipsy Glambag

Im so excited for this month's bag! I received 5 products like I was supposed to this time! YAY! 

The bag itself is adorable and I guess it was designed by Forever 21's Cosmetics Team.

Let's get to it!

The first product I pulled out was....
Marc Anthony's Oil of Morocco, Argan Oil Hairspray. It smells like sweet berry or just something fruity in general. The claims are that its sulfate free, gives volume as well as shine, it's extra hold, and it's fast drying. I barely use hairspray so this was good for when I do use it. It did give my hair shine and volume when I used it. Also I wanted to add, maybe it's just me but when I touched my hair it felt a little greasy or should I just say texturized? It wasn't crispy it was touchable but...texturized~

The second product I pulled out was...
J.Cat Beauty's Wonder Lip Paint in the shade Red Potion. When I first saw this I literally screamed because I thought it was an OCC Lip Tar! But it wasn't... Anyways, its a very thin consistency and I felt like it was designed in a way where you can control the opaque-ness of the product. It's extremely buildable and it takes a while to dry (not to mention it stains your lips). The shade I received is a gorgeous, especially for fall! 

The third product I pulled out was...
Elizabeth Mott's You're So Fine Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in the shade Glitterati. I had such a hard time twisting the cap off (not sure if it was only my bottle but jeez I had to use a rubber band to help me). I feel like I would have liked this product a little more if their weren't little glitter pieces it in. The brush itself wasn't a fine brush but it's usable~ It is waterproof, in a sense that if you get rained on or splash water on your face it won't budge but when you rub it with water it will smudge and then eventually come off. The glitter was just a hassle because when I was taking this eyeliner off it got into my eye and everything just got uncomfortable.

The fourth product I pulled out was...
Be a Bombshell Eye Base in the shade Submissive. It's very smooth when you put your finger in the tub it feels like you're rubbing's not as pigmented as L'Oreal's Infallible 24hr Eyeshade and Maybelline's Color Tattoo. It's okay but only if you just want to use it as an eye base (duhh because it is an eye base).

The last and final product I pulled out was...

TEMPTU's Highlighter in the shade Pink Pearl. It's a creamy consistency and it's gives an iridescent look. I'm still trying to figure out what I can use this product for. But it's pretty~

Anyways! I'm looking forward to the December Glam Bag and hopefully you are too! If you're also a subscriber to ipsy, let me know which products you got and whether or not you liked them! If you're not a subscriber here's a link for you to subscribe! It's only $10 a month and honestly it's well worth the $10 because you get to try so many products that range from the high end of the spectrum to the low end! 

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