Shellac French Manicure?!


Shellac Manicure? So as you all know, Im  leaving to Florida in a couple of days, and I was contemplating whether or not I wanted to get my nails done. I didn't want a regular manicure because I mean come on, I could paint my nails myself~ I wanted something that would last, something that I didn't need to worry about, and something wouldn't damage my I did a little research and I found Shellac (a gel) It claims to last up to 2 weeks sooo we'll see how my nails do. They were $25 because I wanted a French manicure but for regular color it would've been $20. 

The process didnt include gluing anything to your nail, it didnt include filing your nail bed. it was basically two coats of base coat, two coats of color, two coats of the tip (if you asked for a French manicure) and two coats of the top coat. UV Lamp was used between every single coat. 

Well~ that's it! I'm excited about these nails and how they turn out but I'm a bit worried about how to remove them because I barely go to the nail salon and by barely I mean like 0-1 time a yeah! If you tried out the Shellac nails comment below and tell me your insight on them!



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