~ Throwback Thursday ~ Aviation HS Prom 2012


As you can see from above that is my boyfriend and I before his prom :) We actually went to two proms back to back (his was first). So...funny story, I wasn't that experienced with makeup back then and I hired a makeup artist to do my makeup and my hair. And now that I look back at it...$140 ($70 each night) for my hair and makeup was such a waste!

I replicated this look recently and realized I could've saved so much money!! I wish I was more into makeup in my Senior year of HS and not to be cocky or anything but...I like the way I did my makeup more when I replicated the look. Below is just a picture of one eye. (I used the Lorac Pro Palette along with the Lorac Unzipped Palette).


Well, hope you guys enjoyed this post! don't be afraid to leave comments or requests :) I don't bite! Have a good day! Love you all ;)




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